Tasmanian Botanics uses the latest extraction technologies for the production of oils and oil-based products such as oral drops and elixirs.


As part of our ‘clean and green’ philosophy, we have invested in a custom-built supercritical CO2 extractor from Switzerland, allowing us to produce large quantities of high-quality cannabinoid extracts, free from any toxic solvents or residues, making it safer for the patient – and safer for the planet.


Not only that, but between 90 and 95 per cent of CO2 used in the extraction is recovered and recycled for subsequent extractions, minimising the loss of CO2 to the environment.


Following further purification using traditional winterisation, filtration and rotary evaporation techniques, our oil is used to produce our oral drops and elixirs to the highest global standards of GMP.


Our oral preparations are specifically formulated for maximum bioavailability, purity and stability – built on our experts’ combined decades of knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry.