With the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis increasingly recognised around the world, its use in the treatment of a range of medical conditions continues to grow.


At Tasmanian Botanics, we use the latest technologies in cultivation, greenhouse management and manufacturing, to provide safe and consistent products that our suppliers and patients can trust.


Our highly developed integrated-breeding program produces unique cultivars of cannabis, exclusive to Tasmanian Botanics, and tailored to maximise yields in the Tasmanian environment, whilst reducing our carbon footprint and operating costs.


Our highly experienced team of scientists and pharmacists, with qualifications in a range of backgrounds, is supported by our collaborations with public research organisations, allowing us to increase our understanding of the science around medicinal cannabis.


Backed by extensive laboratory testing, using the latest chromatographic technology, our world-class breeding program enables us to produce ‘bespoke’ genetics for customers throughout the world.