At Tasmanian Botanics we believe that the research and development of both new varieties with desirable attributes for medicinal purposes and new cultivation techniques are necessary for the future of our company and the medicinal cannabis industry.


Through our strong partnerships we have established a world leading genetics breeding program to obtain the best cultivars for greenhouses, indoor and outdoor cultivation.  We have sourced a world-class cannabis expert and the starting plant material to achieve these goals in a short-medium term.   Our research program is focused on the selection of strains with very different cannabinoid contents: high- THC and low-CBD strains, varieties with balanced 1:1 (THC/CBD) ratio and high-CBD and low-THC strains.


On the production side, there is also a need to understand the impact of growth conditions that impact total biomass generation and, more importantly, the production (both composition and quantity) of cannabinoids and terpenes produced.


We strongly support the need for further medicinal cannabis research through clinical trials to support the development and use of medicinal cannabis products.