At Tasmanian Botanics, we are committed to ensuring the highest pharmaceutical standards for all our medicines, including:

  • GMP-compliance certification from Australia‚Äôs Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • EU-GMP through the Mutual Recognition Agreement between Australia and the European Union
  • All analytical product testing conducted by TGA approved GMP laboratories providing independent compliance certification
  • Testing ensures no pesticides, heavy metals, foreign matter, ochratoxins or aflatoxins in any of our products
  • Microbial limits meet strict medical standards / all flower products produced meet the European Pharmacopoeia specification
  • Our extensive stability program guarantees the purity and safety of our products for the duration of the stated shelf life
  • Our cannabis exceeds the global standard of Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP).


We offer a guaranteed commitment to sustainable practices and to our corporate and social responsibilities. And, of course, to the patient, we offer a guaranteed commitment to provide more affordable and more effective products of the highest quality and safety.